List of products by Kilian OLMOS

Seynois of origin, Kilian has had a passion for drawing since his early childhood.

He studied in Arles, at Supinfocom (the current MoPA, school of animation film and computer graphics)
where he learns academic drawing, image composition, color management and computer drawing practice.
He was thus able to discover the fascinating and wonderful world of animation.

He then worked as a 3D animator for video game companies and advertising agencies in Paris, Lyon and Madrid.

But over time, he wanted to return to his first love, before digital creation, and he began to get back into drawing.

If it was at the beginning a personal and essentially recreational process, he gradually decided to become more professional.

Today, he continues his career as a 3D animator in Arles, while at the same time continuing his activity as an illustrator and practising refining his pencil stroke and colours.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items