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Biney is a Parisian artist who works on his paintings in an elegant black style, delicately touched by gold leaf. His universe is both modern and spiritual.
It is at the Sobre Papel workshop in Vincennes that he learns the techniques of his mentor Wharol: screen printing. The latter allows him to continuously improve his style and to offer the public micro-series of his works (less than 10 copies).
Biney also uses street art to introduce his paintings to the public who desert galleries, by sticking large-format prints of his works in the streets. While today, the place of street art in galleries is controversial, Biney has decided to take the problem in reverse by using the street to present his works that he exhibits in galleries. Like the propagandists, Biney glues his work to force the eye.
For him, street art is secondary. Above all, he wishes to make his work as an artist discoverable.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item