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“My name is Alexandre ZAMMIT I am 46 years old I was born and I grew up in Toulon. Writing has always been an essential element in my daily life. Very quickly the tag became a trademark, a means of existing and of leaving my mark on the walls of cities. From college tables to high school walls, passing through more urban spaces, tagging to "sign" and then to "write" quickly became essential. My university studies were in the same vein with a diploma in philosophy where writing still played an important role in expressing my ideas, my emotions and my vision on life in general. How did this vocation and my inspirations come from? Attracted by painting, I took art history courses in order to gain more academic knowledge, but the city has always been present. My sources of inspiration range from Robert Delaunay to Dali via Nicolas Poussin and urban artists like André Saraiva whose work I love since his first tags in Paris, Keith Haring, Speedy Graffito and the graffiti legend MODE 2. How does the creative process take place? I function a lot at will. The glass brick was a medium that I used to play with transparency. I also work on canvases of varying sizes and am deviating from more "exotic" objects: hubcaps, car doors (particularly 2cv!) Barrels, and urban objects ... I work a lot with spray paint, POSCA felt and acrylic. Today I left my sneakers, my backpacks and my cap aside and enjoy a more sober vision of what was once vandalism and which is now on display in galleries. I always wonder if the limit of art is the medium itself. In any case, Braque's maxim has always followed me: "Art is made to disturb, science reassures". For this new series I bought an original book from the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY from the 1800s and immediately came to me the idea of ​​making a gap between the political rigor of the medium and the phrases or lyrics of songs that are in our unconscious. collective to all. Sometimes poetic, sometimes provocative, I wanted a strong gap between tradition and modernity. If I ever manage through my Street Art and Pop Art creations to convey an emotion, a memory, or evoke a pleasure ... my bet will be

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