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Franck CASCALES - Illustres Ancêtres


ref : Jeanine 013

Pièce unique

format : 40x40 cm

support médium - 10mm

Feutres Posca encre bio

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Which are

these Illustrious

Could we paint a portrait of an imaginary family,
populated by strangers, heroes, bastards, illustrious
ancestors without history? Here is their story, Lucien,
Carmen, Michel, this angry trait draws a fate for them.
Everyone is entitled to deposit a part of themselves there as well,
they exist because they are there, an ongoing humanity,
work in progress. Pierre, José, Lucie, broken up family,
recomposed. Now that the presentations are
let's see what they can tell us.

Franck Cascales
Born in 1969 in Toulon
Numerous exhibitions in France and
United States
Creation of TOTEM (Group of artists)
Creation of the Art Supermarket
(SMAC Festival)
For 30 years I have been looking for a
fuzzy and uncertain border between the abstract and
the figurative through my artistic project.